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The ICDVRAT with ArtAbilitation conference closed on Thursday, 11th September with a special session entitled Interpretations at Casa da Música. The session was be a collaborative "work in progress" presentation led by Tony Brooks (Aalborg University Esbjerg) describing the concept of sense substitution. The session was held in the main auditorium of Casa da Música and included the development and evolution of two interactive pieces featuring the superb Orquestra Nacional do Porto:

  • Composer: L Tinoco, Title: Zapping
  • Composer: C Nielsen, Title: Symphony IV finale

Interpretations Paper

Tony Brooks' Interpretations paper is now available online:

Podcasts from Interpretations

Four podcasts are now available from the Intrepretations Session at the Soundscapes website.

Photographs from Interpretations


Orquestra Nacional do Porto, conductor Luis Carvalho.
Tony Brooks - Concept, Artistic Direction, Programming & Real-time improvisations.
Additional image acknowledgement to “MilkDrop” team.
Thanks to Casa da Música crew, orchestra team & education team (Ryan Geiss et al) & “Flying Cities” by Bruno Herbelin.
Still images by Paul Sharkey and João Messias (Casa da Música). Copyright 2008.

Casa da Música

For more information on the Rem Koolhaas' designed Casa Da Música please take a 360 degree panoramic tour.

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